Thursday, September 25, 2014

I am not a super mom

This is a pure ranting post

Tired of people telling me that my child should be able to sleep through the night. I guess Kevin is the unicorn of the babies who are 4 months old, he ain't sleeping through the night anytime soon that is for sure.

Motherhood hasn't been easy, but it could be a lot worse.

Breastfeeding was hard at the beginning but at least we made it work, 600 dollars on my part to fix the tongue tie issue.  Kevin still kicks his little legs around when he is nursing, why can't he be like other babies, eat calmly and fall asleep?

We expected him to be able to sleep in the swing, none, can't stand that thing for more than 5 mins.  I expect to be one of those cool mom carrying her babies in the carrier, nope, for the first 3 months or so, he hated the carrier.  Now gradually he can tolerant it a bit, but it is still unpredictable sometimes.  And of course he doesn't sleep in it!  The carrier does no sleeping dust effect on Kevin whatsoever.

 I am envious of the moms with cool strollers with the baby car seat, I didn't spend a lot of time searching for this before I gave birth, we should have bought the stroller with the carseat at the same time.

These days I feel restless, I wanna go out do things, yet I don't know what to do, I live too far away from any of the mommy events in Ottawa,  and I am too language incompetent to go to those ones near my home.

Again it could be a lot worse!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lack of sleep, stressful last week

Last week I was extremely busy, the 4 months shot, the visa application, passport pickup, the orthodontist appointment, and French course exam. All packed in 4 days, not to mention that Kevin has been sleeping terrible these day. Still hasn't improved, he constantly moving and making noises during his sleep, it looks like he fights hard to get back to sleep at the same time he tries to get out of sleep. I am pretty tired at this point, waking up every hour every night now.

Lu Chao is back for home visit, saw her yesterday, had a nice brunch with her and Zhao xin, bought some gifts for relatives in China. Both of us are super nervous about the trip, it will be hard on Kevin, harder on us...but we have to do it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stressing out about everything

This week is a busy week, Monday took Kevin to get his 4th months shot, today we need to go pick up the passport, tomorrow get the passport photos again for Kevin and me for the Chinese visa, then the dreadful surgery at the Orthodontist. Hoping by Thursday I will be able to go to the Visa Centre to get it done ASAP! It would be bad to not be able to get it before October...ughh..oh ya also I have to study for the exam on Thursday night..

Last night was a bad night, Kevin slept really awful, moving a lot in his crib, making sounds...this morning I woke up cranky, thinking about what will they do if I am sick..Stephane said he would try to make me happy because happiness beats any illnesses.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chez Sara and Emmanuel

On Friday we went for a playdate at Sara's, haven't seen her for a while, it was nice to see her and her husband again. Both of the babies were super tired, I sort of didn't want to bother them further but Sara assured us that it would be okay once in a while to let the baby go with the adults schedule. It was really glad to see Ayane, who is 1 month older than Kevin. She was jumping around on her mother's laps like there is no tomorrow, I can't wait for Kevin to do that

This weekend, it was great to relax at home with the boys. Some bad news from my dad, I really hope he would be okay, I have always been worried about him and his store, it must not be easy for him. My mom is struggling with employees issues, I offered to help out. I think we can manage it. Finally on Sunday, we went for a nice walk at Lac Beauchamp, in the Mei Tai carrier, I really want Kevin to get used to the carrier, he did great yesterday around the neighbourhood walk, but at the park, he was agitated, not sure if it was because he was cold?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Start of a small project

I recently saw this Redditor's video, that he recorded his baby from day 1 to one year, everyday for one second. Then compiled it into a video. At first I thought, um, I am too late, Kevin is already 4 months old, then I saw the replies people commented, they said that it wouldn't be too late, I could make 4 months to 1 year + 4 months. It sounds great, yesterday I shot that video, I guess it counts toward it. I also downloaded the app that helps the compilation of the video. Hopefully I stick to it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Almost 4 months old!

Kevin starts to pout his lips while whining, which is kinda cute. Smiley face

I captured a small video of his reaction when I say "mama" vs "Dada" to him, quite funny..well I am biased. Here is the video