Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chez Sara and Emmanuel

On Friday we went for a playdate at Sara's, haven't seen her for a while, it was nice to see her and her husband again. Both of the babies were super tired, I sort of didn't want to bother them further but Sara assured us that it would be okay once in a while to let the baby go with the adults schedule. It was really glad to see Ayane, who is 1 month older than Kevin. She was jumping around on her mother's laps like there is no tomorrow, I can't wait for Kevin to do that

This weekend, it was great to relax at home with the boys. Some bad news from my dad, I really hope he would be okay, I have always been worried about him and his store, it must not be easy for him. My mom is struggling with employees issues, I offered to help out. I think we can manage it. Finally on Sunday, we went for a nice walk at Lac Beauchamp, in the Mei Tai carrier, I really want Kevin to get used to the carrier, he did great yesterday around the neighbourhood walk, but at the park, he was agitated, not sure if it was because he was cold?

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